Weekly Voiceover Workouts from your computer via Skype


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Using the Power of Community to Build VO Skills TOGETHER!

WoW VO Workouts Workout Days and Times

Weekly Workouts via SKYPE take place on Wednesday’s at 10:00am and 5:00pm and Saturday’s at 10:00am (All Pacific Time).

If you would like to “listen in” to check it out, please contact Larry at LarryHudson@VOHeavenWorkouts.com to set that up.


This is NOT COACHING (it is not a replacement for great coaching from a qualified coach). We are a group of dedicated voiceover artists that come together to work out and support one another. The intent for the workouts is for us to continue to hone our skills and raise our “booking percentage”. From the experience of those of us who have worked out together this way for over 8 years, it is clear we have created a special community to rely on. We share information with one another, coaching tips, jobs, technical advice and recommendation, all of it. We know that while receiving is a great thing, the power and growth comes from the giving as well, and this is that opportunity.

Workout Details

  • Cost: $35 for the month (usually 4 workouts per month).
  • Payments are made through PayPal.
  • 4-5 participants max in a group (there will be rare exceptions now and then).
  • Workout duration is 90 minutes depending on the size of the group.
  • You are emailed each week to confirm your participation. There are no makeups or refunds if you miss.
  • In addition to performing, you will direct someone in their performance as well on each workout.
  • We accommodate a wide range of skill. So whether you are just starting out or a seasoned professional it all works!
  • The workout session is recorded and sent to you and your group afterwards.

Criteria for Joining the Workouts

To be clear, these workouts are for people that are in preparation to do or actively seeking VO work and already have a quality recording environment to do audition from and are actively doing all the work that is necessary to make VO a vocation. You do not need to be a full time VO, but you must be AS committed. It is not a place to “test the waters” to see if you want to pursue doing VO. It is a place to take committed action and do the work with other like minded VO talent to move your VO skills forward.

What is needed:

*IMPORTANT: YOU MUST own a professional recording microphone and have a set up that is worthy of auditioning from. It is NOT ACCEPTABLE to use a headset or the microphone on your computer for the workouts. We are professionals and want to practice as if we are doing a real job or audition.*

  • You should be able to create professional quality audio from your home studio.
  • Your recording set up allows you to use your recording microphone on the workouts via Skype.
  • That you have a GOOD ATTITUDE and are able to work with others respectfully and supportively.

If you do not fit the criteria yet, please keep working at it and consider joining us when you are ready.

How to Join

CLICK HERE to view the “How to Join” Information Sheet

Contact info: LarryHudson@VOHeavenWorkouts.com • Skype ID: LarryDHudson • Ph. 310.420.8359